Wood ovens


2Wood ovens

There are lots of uses for wood ovens, the first here is for an obvious one: pizza.

Good, dry wood can burn up to 1300F/ 700C, though in practice a wood fired oven is generally run 800F-1000F/ 420- 530C. The reason high temperature is preferred especially for pizzas is, its profound, specific style: think thin crust- only a wood oven will bake and finish your pizza with the crust and toppings done at the same time!

The second reason is flavor. Caramelization is more pronounced, char can be produced, and delicious giant crust bubbles can form.

Wood also adds flavor from smoke and the burning of oils in the wood itself. (think olive wood aroma and olive like taste!)

When it comes to bread, roasts, etc. the flavor of the wood still applies, but the advantage is you can fire an oven early in the day and cook for 8-12 hours without starting a new fire. The oven has ‘thermal mass’ which absorbs then slowly radiates heat.

There are many benefits of wood fired pizza ovens some of those mention below

Wood-Fired Ovens Cook Pizza Quickly

No matter how you put together a pizza, there are limitations to how quickly your home oven can cook it.

Wood-Fired Ovens save Energy

Anyone who needs to maintain nature lifestyle is forever on the lookout for ways to trim their energy utilization. In those cases, a wood-fired oven is a best choice. A wood oven does not need any electricity or gas to work. The only energy source is high temperature from the fire.


Wood-Fired Ovens Boost Food Flavor

If you have ever experienced pizza cooked in a wood fired oven, you’ve certainly noticed significant taste change. In part, the improved flavor that wood burning oven cooking offer is because of heat distribution.

Wood-Fired Ovens Cook Pizza Quickly – Wood Fired Pizza Ovens has capacity of cook multiple pizza at the same time so, you don’t have to wait in front of the oven for hours to cook pizza.

The hotter temperatures achievable make it great for flatbreads such as nan and pizza, which will puff up in just a few minutes. Since different areas of the oven can have hotter or cooler spots, (near or further away from the burning wood) you can use them to quickly bake, or slowly cook meats. The smoke and charring given by the wood burning also make whatever you bake there more flavorful.

The smoky flavor, crunchy toppings, and fluffy crust of pizza baked on wood burning pizza oven separates it from the normal one.


So to sum up, the main advantages of owning wood fired pizza oven are:

  • faster cooking time
  • better pizza crust
  • delicious flavor
  • crispier pizza toppings
  • higher cooking temperature (hotter up to 500C as opposed to 250-300C and flavour/smell, that is why they are so suited for pizza and bread)
  • they retain heat better and reach higher temperatures