We are determined to bring to you the finest, grill and fireplace olive wood from the Mediterranean region. Our focus is on the premium quality of our products so that you can indulge in this unique experience.

Like in many other stories: “necessity is the mother of invention”. Divine Olive was truly born out of frustration while looking for the right product for ourselves.

The villages of the Mediterranean region and its local people turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Mountain ranges affect climate and soil which is why these terrains in particular offer ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive trees.

The wood that we are offering has been dried, seasoned and packaged in convenient and (at least in our opinion) smartly designed bags with our brand’s logo: ready to be delivered right to your door or, to be neatly placed in the trunk of your car. You can choose from resistant, linen sacks containing 5, 10 or 15 kg.

Once tried out, most fireplace and/ or BBQ owners do come back for more.

…We pride ourselves on being effortless experts at retaining customers for life.