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Let us convince you why olive wood is so special

First of all it has a gentle scent, fantastic heat, superb flames and under testing it burns longer than anything else we've tried including kiln dried firewood and other seasoned firewoods.

Fully ecological

As the olive trees need to be pruned regularly, the off cuts provide a good renewable source of eco friendly firewood. Trees are never cut down for commercial purposes

Less carbon dioxide

The advantages over traditional woods are that it emits less carbon dioxide while burning, it burns very slowly and the fire lasts up to 12 hours.

Unforgettable scent

Burning olive wood creates a unique scent and an abundance of dancing flames that take a long time to die down- an indispensable addition to a romantic dinner

Warm glow

You will enjoy its golden coals that produce a wonderfu, warm glow and a sense of coziness that you can only get from a fire

Burns longer

It burns longer than most species of wood due to the one of the highest density and constant burning rate. Average reported specific gravity is about 0.70(ovendry weight/green volume),

Ideal moisture

Our olive firewood has an ideal moisture content of around 20% which guarantees low smoke release and an optimal heat emission

Irreplaceable in fireplace

Olive firewood doesn’t throw dangerous sparks when lit and it’s  very easily to ignite. It is also extremely dense which offers a much longer burn time.

Perfect for barbecue

Since ancient greek times, grill masters of the mediterranean have use the fragrant wood of the olive tree for grilling.

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